Our Gran Faena began in 2016, when three longtime friends received a project invitation. In this project, we would support local farmers to market their handmade products abroad. Along the way, we find businessmen interested in buying tequila and, by seeing an opportunity, we decided to start learning more about this wonderful 100% Mexican identity beverage. It was in Jalisco, Mexico where we understood how agave crops are grown and taken care of, we heard from the producers the long tasks they must perform daily for seven years in their crops in order to get the agave at the point of maturity and quality needed for the process.

Today we honor this great faena with this great tequila as an exceptional story of passion, talent and effort in each step of its elaboration.

In Casa Gran Faena we are inspired by the traditional art of making tequila together with an innovative and sustainable process, which in addition to helping us preserve our blue agaves and the environment, allows us to obtain an exceptional and refined tequila.

We prepare the lands and then continue with the hijuelos plantation (young agave plants). Our lands are located in the Highlands of Jalisco and Guanajuato, Mexico. Lands recognized for their rich nutrients, ideal for optimal agave growth.

Daily for 7 years, with pride, our producers carry out long faenas in the fields, taking care of the health and quality of our agaves until they reach their maturity and desired quality.

We select the finest Blue Weber agaves and, with the immeasurable effort of the jimadores, the leaves are cut with a sharp hoe leaving only the “piñas” (agave hearts) ready to go to our factory.

A delicate extraction is done in traditional mills followed by a 16-hour cooking in ovens.

Our tequila´s refined flavor is thanks to a special yeast blend from Casa Gran Faena and also from our fermentation process that is carried out for 72 hours.

We multiple distill our tequila in an advanced and modern process, reducing harsh alcohol notes to create a tequila that is smooth enough to sip.
Our filtration system is used to achieve those brilliant and silver hues, which we believe enhances the view and taste experience in an exceptional way.

The packing is handmade in order for us to be able to take care of every final detail in a delicate way.